Welcome! My name is Michael Gilday and I am a Short Track Speedskater from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. I currently train at the National Training Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I've created this blog primarily to let family and friends know about competitions and travel. I also hope to educate a bit about short track and maybe even entertain. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 2

Today was a day. Nothing special, but nothing terrible. Two 5th places in the 500m and 1000m. In the 500m this was my best placing ever at a National Trials, but I was left wanting more after winning the start in my semi final then proceeding to butcher the rest of the race to finish third. The thousand was a bit of the same. I made a couple of smallish mistakes and had one twist of bad luck that cost me dearly. Winning the two B finals provided a bit of consolation but definitely left me unfulfilled for the day. But this is a long competition. We aren't even half-way yet. There are still lots of opportunities to get some revenge. Going into the competition I wrote that I had no regrets and was confident about my form. None of this has changed. I still know that I have great form and it will carry me through this competition. I can do this! 

Props to Liam and Jess for their big wins today! and thanks to everyone who has sent their best to me the last few days. It is much appreciated and gives me confidence.

And now, two days of fun!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're still in good spirits and keeping the positive attitude we all love you for. You're a great athlete and we're all so proud of you Gilday, you definitely have the north's support behind you. Goodluck in the upcoming races

Anonymous said...

Good luck Michael! The entire Genesis Group office is pulling for you. If you're not sure who that is just ask your dad. Just wanted to wish you well and let you know that we are following as closely as we can.

Ali Simpson

Anonymous said...

give er shit mang

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael - Love that northern spirit. Good luck int he rest of your races. Know that we are all cheering for you.

Auntie Sue

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael... You are scaring these guys. As much preasure as you are under just think how they feel. You were always a contender but now they fully realise it. I feel sorry for them when you "realy turn it up". For them it is stress for you it is just going to happen and thats that.


jeanius said...

Hey, Michael. Just found your blog. Looks like I have some catching up to do! Haha. Just wishing you the best of luck and hoping to see you in Vancouver while I'm there for school. Maybe I'll be able to score some tickets for the event.

Give it your all, dude!

Anonymous said...

Michael, best wishes for continued success at the trials!