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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another General Mills plug...but its worth reading!

My living room is slightly more cramped than normal this week. The reason for this is that I received a large (20 boxes!) shipment of cereal from General Mills this week (thanks guys!). Ten boxes of each of the two types of cereal my picture is on, Golden Grahams, and Multi-Grain Cheerios. Of course they have been there for a few days and not moved except for the removal of a box to be consumed. The other day Liam, one of my teammates, was over and as he was leaving he asked if he could have a box. Being the generous person that I am, I said 'ya no problem' but made him promise to put the code in. Well he did and he even wrote a hilarious blog about it which can be found here. After laughing about it, I realized the photos he took demonstrate exactly the steps that are required to support an aspiring Olympian. And so I present Liam McFarlane in "how to donate $1 to Michael Gilday"

Step #1

Buy a delicious and nutritious (p.s these two words are a hint for an amzing post coming up later this week, check back for it!) box of either Golden Grahams or Multi-Grain Cheerios from your facourite local grocery.

Step #2
Arrive home and promptly pour yourself a bowl because you know you can't wait to have some. Note Liam's serious face here. Making a serious face is important if you want to get the most out of your cereal.

Step #3
Riding the wave of energy you have received from your meal, proceed to www.everdaycelebrations.ca/aspiringolympians. If this is your first time entering a code, you will have to create an account. This only takes seconds. Find out how on the website!

Step #4
Select Michael Gilday from the list of athletes and enter the code provided on the inside of the box. Also, for added fun, check the box at the bottom to enter a monthly draw for some Aspiring Olympians swag.

Step #5

Good Job! You have just supported an aspiring Olympian. Smile and enjoy, just like Liam!

Thanks to Liam for the pics. He also blogs and recently has been updating daily. Check it!


Liam Heath McFarlane said...

You stole all my pictures!!!!

Liam Heath McFarlane said...

Just kidding, thanks man! PS: I'll be expecting a percentage cut if all of a sudden your profits surge!

Anonymous said...

haha notice who Liam chose to "accidently" sponser, and apparently Gilday endorses that too... HAHAHAHAHA