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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Three months in 25 lines

Get ready, were going to do this fast. Like really fast. This fast.

Feb 6, 2011
Landed in Russia.
It was cold, but not that cold.
Raced. Won a bronze in the 1500m. Won a bronze in the relay.
Got stuck in the worst traffic.
Flew to Dresden.
Raced. Crashed hard, twice. Won a bronze in the 1500m. Won a bronze in the relay.
Flew to Montreal. Trained
Flew to Sheffield.
Raced. Won World Championship in the Relay.
Flew to Warsaw.
Raced (poorly). Finished third in World Teams.
Partied in Warsaw.
Flew to Calgary.
Season over.
Went skiing in fresh powder (sick!)
Watched hockey.
Went to Yellowknife. XC skied alot. Wish I had more time there.
Flew to Montreal. Testing Camp.
Back to Calgary.
Started work required for a life change.
Which will be covered later
May 16th.

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Fun entry - very creative.