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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pre Road Trip 15 (sort of) Random Thoughts

Tomorrow I'm heading on the road again for another set of World Cups. But I'm going to be adding some other stuff onto this trip. Like World Championships among other things.

1. Packing is tiring. And I'm not even finished. Luckily every trip needs the same thing, so packing is also repetitive, which may add to the fatigue (cause its boring)

2. The longest I have been on the road at one time is three weeks.

3. This trip is going to be six weeks long and will cover 5 countries.

4. They are Russia, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Poland. I have never been to Russia, Britain and Poland.

5. Basically my itinerary looks like this. Russia one week, Germany one week, Montreal two weeks, Britain one week, Poland one week. Oh, and I may add on a week of sightseeing at the end. We'll see.

6. I'm not sure how many Aeroplan points I'll end up with, but hopefully it will give me a really good head start towards Elite status for next year.

7. Tomorrow will be a long travel day. Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Frankfurt, Moscow.

8. I'm excited though. Racing is why we train, so its nice to be able to have a lot of racing to do after all the work we have put in this season.

9. One thing I regret not doing while I was in Asia in the fall was taking pictures. I don't know why I didn't. I am going to make an effort to take some this time. Which will hopefully mean some for the blog.

10. Modern Family is an excellent television show. Just brilliant.

11. Canada's freestyle and ski cross skiers are awesome. Just this week they have won four different World Championships. Jenn Heil in moguls, Warren Shouldice in aerials and Chris Del Bosco and Kelsey Serwa in ski cross. Major Boom.

12. In other amateur sport news, mad props must be given to Christine Nesbitt, long track speed skater, who just won her first World Sprint Championship. Not bad for a non pure sprinter. Also boom.

13. I'd love to be on the podium at World Championships this year. That will now be my goal for the rest of the season.

14. I have a plant that is dying. It has barely grown in the three years I have had it and now it has a few brown leaves.

15. In the words of Ronnie Coleman, Ain't Nothing to it but to do it!

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AndrewMatthews said...

I like the point form posts... I might have to start doing this. Have a wicked time on your trip buddy!