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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Quest for 8.9

A barrier was broken yesterday. The first lap under nine seconds of the season. Now I know for those of you who read this and are skaters you are going to think "are you kidding me???" or "good, those guys must be skating terribly" or something along those lines. But heres the catch. We aren't skating at the Oval right now. We have been on ice at another Calgary rink for the past two months. Its a quite cold rink with ice that has next to no glide when compared to the Oval. So when Wim de Deyne of Belgium went 8.98 seconds in a flyer (a single lap full out) yesterday it was a big moment. There had been alot of 9.0's and 9.1's but no one could break the 9.0 barrier (this is kind of ridiculous because on normal ice we would do somewhere in the 8.2-8.5 region). The ice was always too brittle, with too many ruts and too little glide.But finally the Quest for 8.9 was complete! Anyways in all seriousness it might be hard on the mind to not be anywhere close to a half decent lap time, but as long as we keep it in perspective as to why we aren't going super fast and look at the positives of being able to skate through the worst ice conditions we will see all year, we can be confident we are on the right track.

Also check out a new blog. Liam McFarlane is a teammate of mine and he started a blog earlier this week. You can find it here or on the side bar.

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Liam Heath McFarlane said...

Yay! Updated! I knew my initiative would kick start something! And thanks for the add Gday!

Also Gday is being very modest about how rutty our ice gets. I have never... skated through ruts like this at that speed before in my life. Plus the boards aren't very forgiving...