Welcome! My name is Michael Gilday and I am a Short Track Speedskater from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. I currently train at the National Training Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I've created this blog primarily to let family and friends know about competitions and travel. I also hope to educate a bit about short track and maybe even entertain. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 1 racing

Day one of racing is in the books. It was a solid day for me with a 4th place finish. I executed my race plans well and had good legs all day. Our team had some other very good results. Jessica Gregg finished third in a wild women's final that saw three women go down and two of those get disqualified. The only skater to go down and not get dqed was the newest member of our team, Marie-Eve Drolet. Marie-Eve is making a comeback after retiring at the ripe old age of 20 following the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. She was skating very strongly all day and had herself in 1st place with 2 laps to go. Unfortunately, Ivanie Blondin made a tight pass and they both went down. Marie-Eve had to settle for 4th. Disappointing for sure, but still a very solid race in only her second race in almost 7 years. 500’s today. We are lucky this weekend as the FPVQ will be live webcasting the races starting at 1:30pm EST. You can find the races at http://www.tvgo.ca/fpvq/. This is the first time they will be doing this so check it out and support Canadian short track so that they will continue to do it in the future!

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