Welcome! My name is Michael Gilday and I am a Short Track Speedskater from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. I currently train at the National Training Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I've created this blog primarily to let family and friends know about competitions and travel. I also hope to educate a bit about short track and maybe even entertain. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things that are awesome day #4


No big long post today, just a list of accomplishments since my last post, which was written while I had a big fever.

- Kicked the flu
- finished the last few days of the camp well, all health problems considered.
- recovery
- Two weekends of riding Highwood with Liam and also with Pate Neumann and Phil Wood the second time. (Pate you didn't get your legs ripped off, you were riding with a fruit-to-go wrapper keeping your tire inflated!)
- two sets of mock races (including a nice little 41.2- ya handtimed but still)
- a ton of Tour de France watching hours logged
- beat a case of "Tour withdrawl" (sort of...)
- couple of good mountain bike rides
- enjoyed some nice weather on a couple patios
- and oh ya...train train train

does this feel like a cycling blog right now?


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I realize your busy but it would be nice if you could try and update it more.

MG said...

touché anonymous touché.

dirt girls said...

From one tour de France junk to another, I totally understand the withdraw. However a good road ride really helps.
Auntie Sue