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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The countdown is on...365 days to go!

One year until the Olympic games. And I'm in Dresden, Germany for the final World Cup of the season with beautiful and intelligent Jessica and Laurie typing out a blog before racing gets underway tomorrow morning. Is there a better place to be? 

The top three men and top two women went home on Monday to prepare and 5 of us travelled over. Everyone is over jet lag now and training has been going well. The rink here is brand spanking new, and the ice is in really good shape. Ridiculous amounts of grip, but its better to have more grip than less. Minus the fact that the hotel room are extremely small, Alex Boisvert can almost touch both walls at the same time, everything is really good here. Remi, myself and Katherine Reutter from the US rented some bikes the other day and did a little tour of Dresden, checking out some of the famous old buildings that were destroyed during the fire bombing in world war II but have since been rebuilt. I would post up some photos, but I forgot the cord to connect my camera to the computer. 

Distances for this weekend:
Jesscia Hewitt: 500m 1000m
Val Lambert: 500m 1000m
Anne Maltais: 500m 1000m
Marie-Eve Drolet: 1500m 500m
Laurie Marceau: 1500m 500m
Marie-Andree Mendes-Campeau: 1500m 500m

Michael Gilday 1500m 500m
Alex Boisvert-Lacroix: 500m 500m
Remi Beaulieu: 1500m 1000m
Guillaume Bastille: 500m 1000m
Marc-Andre Monette 1500m 500m
Francois Hamelin: 1000m 500m

365 days to go, the countdown is down.
Lightweight baby!!


Anonymous said...

yyeeeaaah buddy!


AlMac said...

nuttin but a peanut

Laurie Marceau said...

Beautiful and intelligent... I looooove it! ahah! Passe une belle journée Gday ! :P